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It's All About the Food! The Stops On Our Tour...

*We cater to everyone from vegans to carnivores; substitutions will be made whenever possible.


SARABETH'S QUEST IS TO PROVIDE EVERY CUSTOMER WITH AN experience that reflects her devotion and passion to creating wholesome food. The mission of Sarabeth’s is to offer simplicity, perfection and classic tastes in her restaurants and through her products.


Pasticceria Rocco

We begin our tour in the heart of the Villages old Italian area, with the best cannoli in NYC. Ours will be filled fresh for us so the sweet shell will be crunchy, crumbling into the rich ricotta filling as you bite in.


Fiaccos Italian Specialties

This family owned business has been part of the neighborhood for over 100 years. We will be sampling their house made sopprassata, mozzarella marinated in olive oil, and the amazing prosciutto bread.


Johns Pizza on Bleeker

The best pizza in NYC, hands down! Still using a coal burning oven giving the crust a devine crispness, as it cradles the bright home made tomato sauce and quality mozzarella cheese.


Cowgirl Hall Of Fame

This fun and casual southwestern spot has been in the Village for years. We will have a chance to sit and relax, digging into there tasty nachos with a sassy salsa while your guide spins a colorful yarn on the areas history. This tasting includes your choice of beer, wine or soda.



A bakery that is all the buzz! They make a really good chocolate chip cookie, that just happens to be vegan. Its been written about a lot, so we will get to find out what all the hype is about.



Sarabeth Levine is a James Beard Award winning chef, with several cook books and restaurants around the world. She began making jam and marmalade out of her New York apartment, and the business never stopped growing. Here we will taste a buttermilk biscuit with the jam an marmalade that launched an empire. As a plus she is often there to say hi.


Los Moriscos

The fish ceviche on the crunch tostada is fantastic. Fresh and bright in flavor with high quality ingredients. Its a delicious light tasting, and they sell beer! Los Moriscos is well worth the visit.


Saxelby Cheesemonger

Anne Saxelby sadly and unexpectedly passed away, but the legacy she built lives on. Saxelbys sells the best cheese made in America, and we will sample a couple of tempting bites while learning a bit about cheese making.

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The Lobster Place

This family owned business is the largest lobster wholesaler in city, and they have some great chefs who are taking the freshest seafood and making it into meals to remember, Here will have oysters on the half shell, and the lobster bisque (like lobster flavored butter with a hint of sherry, so rich and good)


Dicksons Farmstand Meats

Jake Dickson is a great guy, and has created one of the best butcher shops in the city. All of the meat comes from local family owned farms, and butchers then cut it up into every cut,( nose to tail butchery) The beef brisket is slow cooked and meltingly tender, we will have that with a slab of thick but house made bacon, and fries done in beef tallow.


The Doughnuttery

Mini doughnuts made fresh to order, and dredged through a variety of toppings and some drizzled with chocolate sauce. They will be warm when you bite in to the pillowy goodness. The company logo says "Small nuts, big flavor" and they mean it!