Industry City Tour

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Experience some of the best food Brooklyn has to offer at Industry City! Set on the Brooklyn waterfront, this massive campus is an exciting spot filled with innovators and creators, and great food. You will have some delicious tastings while exploring all that Industry City has to offer. You’ll then take a short walk to explore the beautiful and historic Greenwood Cemetery, before returning to Industry City’s Japan Village to sample some specialties. Finally, you will end on a sweet not at Li Lacs Chocolates.

It’s the perfect way to eat good food, learn about the area and have fun all at the same time, this tour is sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

One Girl Cookie

Hand crafted and made fresh at Industry City, One Girl Cookie is a bakery owned by a young and innovative couple. The shop is gorgeous and you can even watch the cookies being made in their bakery. You will start your food tour with a selection of their tasty treats.

Taza Mkt

Taza is Hindi translates to “fresh”. It refers to anything new and exciting. Taza Mkt embodies what Indian home cooking is, fresh and light, while still remaining intensely flavorful and staying true to tradition. You will have Samosa Chaat, a crunchy samosa topped with a spicy chickpea curry. It’s delicious!


End Meats

This is a terrific whole-animal butcher shop and salumeria. It is a family owned business, and they are locally sourcing their meat from area farms. This is farm to table, and makes for the highest quality available. They also dry age their meat in house! You will have a selection of charcutier, with cheese bread and olives.

Renegades of Sunset

This cool spot has Philly Cheese Steaks, crunchy chicken sandwiches, and though you’d never guess, it’s all vegan. These guys make all of the ingredients fresh daily. You will indulge in The Giuseppe, sweet Italian sausage, sauteed peppers and onions, marinara, mozzarella and fresh basil on a sesame seed hero.


There is a beauty to the simplicity and quality ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Set in Japan Village, Obentoyasan offers to go bento boxes and other lunches. You are going to taste the Onigiri, a large warm mound of rice and cooked salmon, rapped in dried nori seaweed. Simple and so good.


Let’s try a takoyaki! It’s Japanese street food from the 1930’s. Flour, minced octopus and red ginger are rolled into a ball, cooked and then topped with tuna flakes and sauce. It sounds adventurous, but really, it’s a big tasty filled dumpling, and you will want another!


This store is a NYC treasure. Sahadi’s has been at its original Atlantic Street location for over 120 years! It is a middle eastern grocery, with bulk and prepared foods, plus cheese, coffee, olives and much more. You are going to taste their legendary Hummus with fresh baked pita, some Domas, and finish with some astounding dried strawberries.

Li Lac Chocolate

Manhattans Oldest Chocolate House, preserving the heritage of traditions of old-school, hand-crafted chocolates for almost 100 years. Li lLac chocolates are made right in front of you, it’s fun to watch them hard at work. Better to indulge! We will have a truffle, a chocolate dipped pretzel, and a salted dark caramel. Ending on a sweet note!