Grenwich Village – Highline – Chelsea Market Tour

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You will begin your tour in New Yorks historic Greenwich Village, crunching into the best freshly made cannoli in town. You will then eat your way from one family-owned establishment to another, while your fun tour guide talks about the history, architecture and cultural offerings of this beautiful neighborhood. Your group of only 6-8 people means that you will not feel crowded or rushed, and will feel like a fun catered day with friends. You will be taken up to the Highline Park, then learn about the history of The Meat Packing District and its transformation into a fashion destination. At Chelsea market you will continue eating from the best they have to offer, and we will end on a sweet note. Your tour will conclude with a beautiful rooftop view at a gorgeous lounge. 

You will eat amazing food, learn about these fabulous neighborhoods and have a great time! If that sounds appetizing, then book your tickets today.

Pasticceria Roccos

This family-owned establishment has been making the best cannoli in town. It is the perfect place for you to get dessert after a great dinner at one of the local restaurants. Your cannoli will be made fresh for you, giving a crispness to the crunch as you sink your teeth into the creamy ricotta filling. A sweet wat to start your tour.


Faiccos is a fantastic family-owned deli and has been a part of the area for over 100 years. They dry cure their own sausages, make their own mozzarella, and have some great food to go. You will be tasting their sweet dry cured Sopressata sausage, freshly made mozzarella marinated in extra virgin olive oil, and bite into their awesome prosciutto bread. A great discovery you will want to share with friends!

Johns Pizza

Johns opened in 1929, and is hands down the best pizza in NYC, They are using a coal burning oven that gets over 500 degrees, so a large cheese pie cooks in about two and a half minutes. You will be having the classic cheese pie, using San Marzano tomatoes give a bright sweetness to the sauce, under the bubbling melted mozzarella cheese. The thin crispy crust and high-quality ingredients will let you know you are eating the best has to offer.

Cowgirl Hall of Fame 

This is a fun casual spot for you to put your feet up, have some tasty nachos and enjoy a glass of wine or beer on us. Located off the beaten path, Cowgirl has been in the village for years and has been the venue for many established, and up and coming performers. We will be able to sit in down and relax and have a drink, while your guide tells you fun stories about the cultural history of this vibrant neighborhood.


Ovenly is an award-winning retail and wholesale bakery based in New York City, and is proudly a women owned business. As a bakery, they specialize in that magic intersection between savory and sweet. You will see what they mean as you bite into their moist and crunchy chocolate chip cookie baked with a sprinkle of sea salt crystals, and you will experience the magic in how the salt brings out the richness of the chocolate.


Sarabeth is a wonderful person, who started over 30 years ago making jam an marmalade in her upper west side apartment,  and today owns restaurants around the world. She still likes to be hands on, and can often be seen in her bakery working long hours. Oprah has said that her preserves are one of her favorite things, and you will find out why as you bite into her divine butter milk biscuit topped on jam and marmalade.

Saxelbys Cheesemongers

Founded by the late, great Anne Saxelby, Saxelbys continues to provide the very best cheese America has to offer. You will sample a selection of their made in the USA cheese delights while learning about cheese prodution. Creamy, savory!

The Lobster Place

This is the largest lobster whole seller and retailer in NY. The seafood all comes fresh daily to the great family-owned establishment. There is a massive selection of fabulous food, and you will be having the best lobster bisque of your life. It is like a creamy lobster flavored butter with a hint of sherry. For the more adventurous, you will have oysters on the half shell!

Dicksons Farmstands Meats

Jake Dickson does whole animal butchery, and gets all of his meat from local family-owned farms that aren’t part of the massive meat industry and he dry ages the beef to perfection. This all makes for the highest quality of beef you can get. You will have some of his meltingly tender BBQ beef brisket, a slab of extra thick cut bacon broiled in a 1000-degree broiler, and some of their crisp French fry’s cooked in beef suet. Yum!

The Doghnuttery

Little nuts with a lot of flavors! You will end your tastings on a sweet note with fresh mode mini donuts. They are made right in front of you as you watch the delicate rings of dough go into the hot oil and move along until they are dredged through various flavored sugars, and topped with icings, and Nutella. They will be warm when you chomp into them!